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Trippin’ on Wildflowers!

Fall is my favorite time of year in Florida because so many wildflowers are blooming their little hearts out!

This year I joined the Tarflower Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society on a field trip to the Warea Tract – part of the Seminole State Forest. This little section of the forest (about 120 acres) is actually a few miles south of the main part of the forest. It was set aside in the 80’s to preserve the federally endangered species of Warea amplexifolia – aka Clasping Warea. The area is surrounded by new houses and you can easily see why it was necessary to preserve this land – development would be certain had they not. Normally this park is off limits to the public, so it was a special treat to visit!

When we arrived it was a chilly morning, but it soon warmed up to a nice 75°. We all piled into two trucks and made a stop to see a couple of other threatened/endangered plants – Florida Bonamia and Brittons Beargrass. Neither were blooming so we moved on to another location to see the Clasping Warea in bloom.

There were many different types of flowers blooming and it was heavenly walking waist deep in the yellows, purples, pinks and whites of all the different species we saw. The Clasping Warea resembles the common garden flower called Cleome, but it is much more delicate. The bee’s were really enjoying the “Summer Farewell” and butterflies flittered around the different Blazing Stars.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a fall morning!


Beautiful endangered Warea amplexifolia (Clasping Warea)



2 comments on “Trippin’ on Wildflowers!

  1. marge drew
    October 27, 2016

    looks like you had a very awesome day Sharon!!  Thanksfor sharing it and your photos!!  Margé

  2. FlaScenics
    October 27, 2016

    Thanks Margé! It was nice to get out and just enjoy some flowers:-)

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