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Discovering the Forgotten Coast

Last weekend a friend and I went up to Apalachicola. We were there in the middle of two great events and we were lucky enough to see a little bit of both!

First was the Forgotten Coast Plein Air Paint Out, which features some of the worlds best plein air artists! What a treat to find many of them painting around town. We just had to stop and watch as they created some fabulous artwork for the event.

The other event was Plein Air South, which is an extension of the paint out with even more artists in town to give demonstrations and seminars about plein air painting. It was really motivating to be around artists who love to paint outdoors as much as I do.

We stayed at the historic Gibson Inn, right in downtown Apalach and from there we could walk the entire town. Sometimes we could walk right down the middle of the road and see no traffic, even on a Saturday! It really is the forgotten coast! (If you like ghosts and haunted adventures, stay at the Gibson. I sure had an unforgettable experience there.)

Shrimp and oyster boats are a common sight on the waterways, and the restaurants all serve it up fresh. The old boats and fish houses make for great painting subjects too!

All in all the weekend was just too short! Next year we’ll plan better so we can take full advantage of the events.



2 comments on “Discovering the Forgotten Coast

  1. marge drew
    May 28, 2016

    Sharon this is such a wonderful blog. Love all the photoof the artists working and the boats in the water. I reallyLOVE your painting of the dunes!! It is fantastic!  Yhe closeup of the shrimp boat near shore is priceless!   You did notsay what the building was that you showed the inside.??It sort of looked like an art supply store.. I for one would love to hear about your experience in theGibson Inn.. Thanks so much for sharing your marvelous experiences!I sure  hope one day that I will again be able to travel a bitand return to plein air painting.. but life continues to bequite filled with …. hm  already shared that part of my life.

    Again thank you!!   Margé

  2. FlaScenics
    May 29, 2016

    Thanks Margé! You would have loved it. It was a great time and wish I had heard of this event sooner to take advantage of all of the days. Next year I will plan ahead! It was wonderful just watching demo after demo day after day from some great artists. However this weekend I’ve scraped two paintings! Information overload is getting to me:-)

    Ah the Gibson Inn, they say their ghosts are friendly. It’s a long story, remind me to tell you next time I see you…

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