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Trying something different – Portraits!

The Florida State Park Plein Air Tour opening show is coming up quickly! The show opening at the Mt. Dora Center for the Arts is on March 11th, so I am busy framing and preparing the displays for the show.

Since I am super crazy busy already, why not sign up for a new painting class! LOL!

This month I am taking an online portrait painting class with Chantel Lynn Barber. She does fabulous acrylic portraits in a very loose painterly style. I haven’t done any portrait work(except for a few Santa Clause’s and I’m not sure he counts!), nor am I used to using acrylic paints so it is definitely a learning process! The good thing about this class is it is online, so I can paint whenever I can

My first assignment was a loose portrait just to get a feel for the method Chantel uses. It was a real challenge to figure out creating a face without “drawing” and also to figure out how to use the acrylics too!


First portrait! “Happy” 6×6″ acrylic

The next week I did another portrait and still struggled with using the acrylics. Acrylics dry darker, so I need to practice mixing a lighter color so that when it dries it looks correct. Two more weeks of painting to go!


Second Portrait! “Renaissance Girl” 6×6″ acrylic

2 comments on “Trying something different – Portraits!

  1. marge drew
    February 14, 2016

    Bravo Sharon!! I am sure you will enjoy  your new adventure..but I suredo not envy you needing to work in acrylics..yikes. Oil or WCwould be my choice as they are much more fun to work withthan acrylics..and yep I have used acrylics..and have bunchesof the stuff..too many tubes ..esp for someone who doesn’t likethem.. but perhaps you could use the OPEN acrylics..as theyare suppose to work a bit like oils.. Anyhow have fun..thanks for sharing too!  I sure wish I wasablo make it to your exhibit..but Paul’s oxygen doesn’t quitemake it that far AND back..ans until he gets a portable we arestuck with the total of 4 hours.hugs  Margé

    • FlaScenics
      February 15, 2016

      Thanks Margé! Acrylics are taking some getting used to. But I am liking them better than I thought I would. Chanel is giving us some good tips on how she uses them and it is making a huge difference.
      Hope Paul gets that portable soon! I know he is probably itching to get out and about..

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