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The Florida State Park Plein Air Painting Tour – Painting each of Florida's State Parks on location

Park #99 – Big Shoals State Park

The first time we went by Big Shoals State Park we couldn’t find it! Siri kept taking us to the other side of the river, and when we finally figured out the park was on the west side of the river we drove around and the road was closed! On our second trip a few weeks later the road was open and we were able to find it with ease!

To get to the Big Shoals entrance, you drive past the Little Shoals entrance, continue down the paved road and take the dirt road on the right to the parking area for Big Shoals. Once at the park, you can see the river gently rolling by down below steeps cliffs. The views were very limited through all the trees and shrubs, so we took the trail to the “shoals.” The signs said it was a one mile hike, so I was nervous about carrying all my gear. Turns out it isn’t really a hike, just a nice walk along an easy trail on the river’s rim. As we walked we knew we were getting close to shoals as we could hear the faint sounds of a waterfall. Once we got within sight there was a small deck overlooking the river. Here the Suwannee River roars as it’s coca-cola colored water rushes and bubbles over the rocky river bed.

I set up my gear with a view across the river. The whole time a little snowy egret was on the opposite bank. I hope he wasn’t thinking about fishing in this river – he’d be washed away for sure!

Be sure to visit this park and don’t be put off by the signs. The trail is easy to walk and the scenery is nice, so don’t miss out on this rare Florida river rapids view.

For more information about this park, visit their website

Big Shoals 8x10

Big Shoals 8×10″ oil on linen panel

2 comments on “Park #99 – Big Shoals State Park

  1. marge drew
    September 9, 2015

    Your painting is beautiful..as are your photos.. I especially love the coca cola rapids!!  Sorry  that it took  some real sleuthing to find the entrance.. Glad that you finally found it and enjoyed the park  Margé

    • FlaScenics
      September 10, 2015

      Thanks Margé, It really does look like coca cola doesn’t it!

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