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The Florida State Park Plein Air Painting Tour – Painting each of Florida's State Parks on location

Park #82 – Forest Capital Museum State Park

There is more to this state park than meets the eye. While I was taking photos of the park entrance sign I saw a marker for a former WWII era air base on the site, and across the street was a rusty old Perry Motor Lodge neon sign that was just almost gone from neglect.

Once inside the cool air conditioned museum, a tour of the Pine Tree industry was underway. It was actually very interesting! The diorama’s about the old Florida days of Turpentine making were very detailed and well done.

I then went out into the heat to see the old Cracker homestead behind the museum. The house looks very ramshackle on the outside, but the inside was decorated with beautiful period furnishings. There was a huge Fig tree behind the outhouse, a muscadine grape arbor, a chicken coop and a few other out buildings. I decided to set up in one of the few shady spots under a pine tree and painted the view of one of the old barn buildings.

Next time you are driving through Perry, be sure to make a stop here to see a little history of Florida.

Forestry museum painting - 6x8

Forestry museum painting – 6×8″ oil on canvas panel

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