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The Florida State Park Plein Air Painting Tour – Painting each of Florida's State Parks on location

Park #76 – Grayton Beach State Park

We used a cabin at Grayton Beach State Park as our home base while visiting the parks in the panhandle area. The cabins are set away from the main park, and even have their own beach area! The town of Grayton Beach separates the main park from the cabin area. So there is about a 1 mile drive between the two park sections. Grayton Beach is just a tiny little beach town consisting of a street or two. It is struggling to retain it’s old Florida flavor amidst all the growth and development in the area. There are no high rises or large condo complexes here. Of all the places on 30A, Grayton Beach is the closest to authentic Florida!

We arrived at the cabin late in the day so we headed for beach to see the sunset. It did not disappoint with shades of brilliant orange and hot pink. My little painting was a disappointment though… it was really hard to paint the changing colors so quickly!

The next afternoon we explored the main section of the park which features not only the beach, but a large dune lake called Western Lake. We took a hike along a trail on the shore, and then explored the other side of the lake near a bridge that crosses over. It was really hard to decide where to paint!

The dunes and pines were so full of life and were more interesting for me to paint than the beach. So I found a good spot out of the sun under a pavilion and painted this scene of the lake and dunes. The afternoon sun was getting low and cast a red light onto the old dead tree. I thought about leaving it out of the painting, but decided to leave it. Still not sure about it though!

For more information about this park, visit their website

Painting the dunes of Western Lake 8x10

Painting the dunes of Western Lake 8×10″ oil on linen panel

2 comments on “Park #76 – Grayton Beach State Park

  1. marge drew
    June 23, 2015

    Very interesting these photos..and especially how yourpainting looks in the afternoon light…The muted colorsin it are amazing.  Was surprised to see that same paintingin regular light as it looks so very different that I had to looka couple times to see if they were even the same painting. The Eastern Towhee is quite a beautiful bird..have  neverseen  one before.  I love the photo of the hiking trail alongthe lake.. What a view..and what an amazing painting itwould make.

    You caught some powerful color sky ..must have been fantasticto watch..   I sure enjoyed this park with you!   Margé

    • FlaScenics
      June 23, 2015

      Thank you Marge!
      I started the painting the light was normal afternoon sun. The sky got really pink as I was finishing up. I did get some nice photos of the colors I may try painting later.
      I have never seen an eastern Towhee before either. I had to look up what he was and found out that in other states their eyes are red, but in Florida they have sand colored eyes. They spend a lot of time on the ground, so red eyes for clay and tan eyes for sand! Nature is so interesting!

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