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The Florida State Park Plein Air Painting Tour – Painting each of Florida's State Parks on location

Park #12 – Sebastian Inlet State Park

It was a nice sunny morning drive over to Sebastian Inlet State Park. My dad used to fish here years ago, (he called it the “jellies!”) but I had never been. First we drove into the marina. It was filled with young boy scouts as they prepared to go canoeing in the mangrove areas on the bayside. Even with all the boys, the marina was still a quaint little spot. Next we drove over to the inlet, and were just bowled over by the numbers of fisherman! There were dozens of boats parked in the inlet and hundreds more fishermen fishing from the bridges and jetties.  As soon as we parked I saw a palm tree with a path down to the water, and knew that is what I would paint! It was a quiet oasis in the middle of all that activity.

"Fishing at Sebastian Inlet" 8x10" oil on linen panel en plein air

“Fishing at Sebastian Inlet” 8×10″ oil on linen panel en plein air

After painting, we headed over to the beach side and jetty (the jellies!) side to explore. The beach here was absolutely gorgeous white sand and turquoise water. A few kids played frisbee on the beach and I saw a few girls going in for a swim. But I’d be too chicken to swim knowing there had to be lots of fish that close to the jetty. Lots of fish could attract… sharks!

We walked along the jetty and the water was very clear. You could see schools of fish swimming around. Then we checked out the tackle shop. The inside was filled with tackle, including old vintage lures & reels. It looks like it could be a hold-out from the old days. Across the inlet is the Fishing Museum. It is free with admission to the park and definitely worth checking out. The old photos are just amazing, with men (and women!) pulling in literally boatloads of fish. It is surprising that there are any fish left!

Sebastian Inlet State Park is a cool place to spend a morning, even if you aren’t a fisherman.

For more information on this park visit their website

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