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The Florida State Park Plein Air Painting Tour – Painting each of Florida's State Parks on location

Park #8 – Fort Clinch State park

After raining all night, we woke up to more rain. But as we turned into the entrance for Fort Clinch State Park the rain stopped as we asked it to!

The drive into this park is a long winding road with a beautiful canopy of twisty oaks overhead. We stopped at the first pull-over and got a view of the Amelia Island Lighthouse across the salt marsh. As we were getting back in the car, I decided to step into the road to get a photo of the oaks just as two deer came out of the forest. They just casually wandered around, then ran back into the woods as another car zoomed by. They never saw the deer! We then drove on down to the Fort. It is a solid old brick structure typical of most forts with canons on top and great views out to the river and ocean. I decided to paint right along the water’s edge, while Rick fished the currents of the river. As I painted the waves crashed on the rocks, and I could hear a few tourists asking a teenage fisherman all about his big redfish catch and a shrimp boat lumbered by with hundreds of sea gulls squawking around it. Other than that, it was a quiet, peaceful morning!

Click here for more information on Fort Clinch State Park.


Finished painting - Fort Clinch State Park 8x10" oil on linen panel

Finished painting – Fort Clinch State Park
8×10″ oil on linen panel

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