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Sanibel Souveniers

Just spent the past weekend down on Sanibel Island – who needs theme parks!

No man-made water parks for me. Florida has plenty of natural spaces to explore.

Sanibel Island is just west of Ft. Myers, but yet worlds away. There are no strip malls, no traffic lights, no high-rise hotels littering the landscape. So we strapped our trusty “big yellow banana” canoe to the top of the jeep & drove on down.

On the drive back home, we were shocked to see this little kitten on the side of the road in Ft. Myers. Right along a 6 lane highway and a swamp! I think she was most likely a feral kitten, when she saw me she ran and hid under a cypress stump. I had to wade ankle-deep in swampy muddy muck to pry her out. She was wild for about a minute or two, but calmed right down. Then I had to keep her on my lap for the four-hour drive home! Once home we fed & washed her & took her to the vet the next morning. She is about 4-5 weeks old, has a few parasite problems from being in the wild, but is on her way to being a normal healthy kitten. She has lost all the wildness and is now a sweet little lap kitty. (I think four hours on my lap did it!)

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7 comments on “Sanibel Souveniers

  1. The Florida Blogger
    May 11, 2010

    I’ve always enjoyed the West Coast of Florida. Its sandy beaches and fantastic seafood make it incomparable.

    • FlaScenics
      May 12, 2010

      I agree! The west coast is great. But the sections without sandy beaches are cool too. I love exploring the marshes!

  2. Carol Stephenson
    May 12, 2010

    .enjoy seeing your work and photos—love the way you, capture the feel of our beautiful state.

    But,—you have capture my heart when you, picked up little Sanibel. May he or she, bring you, much love,joy & laughter. If little Sanibel, were able to talk (I’m, sure he-she speakes with the her eyes)
    it would be,” Thank you, Thank you for giving me, an forever home!”

    • FlaScenics
      May 12, 2010

      Hi Carol! Little Sanibel is a she! And she’s getting cuter by the hour. She’s feeling so much better now that the fleas, lice and worms and all that gunk is gone & has antibiotics & food in her belly. The vet said she was a “fixer upper”! I have a friend who may adopt her when she’s ready, but if she doesn’t I’m definitely going to keep her:)

  3. Durinda Cheek
    May 12, 2010

    Wow- I am soooo jealous! What a great time to get away and enjoy the beach before all the tourists get there. Loved your photos, I felt like I was there. Glad you got to paint.

    Sometimes we receive little “gifts” when not expecting any. Sanibel is a lucky girl to have been rescued by you.

    • FlaScenics
      May 12, 2010

      Hi Durinda! Sanibel is my favorite place to relax. It seems to never change over all the years -so nice that they have kept the island from being over run by development. Sanibel (the kitty) is doing much better! Already playing & looking like a normal kitty!

  4. Traveler
    June 30, 2010

    Sanibel is one of the best islands in the world! Gorgeous photos and great article!

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